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Name.com VPS Hosting with cPanel

Host Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited Email Accounts
Name.com VPS Hosting with cPanel

name.com has latest VPS hosting packages for all your business needs and with umpteen benefits of cPanel for VPS you get the perfect balance of power and control.

Name.com VPS Hosting with cPanel:

The scenario of online trading has gone through major changes, be it in terms of trading tactics or using enhanced hosting servers. The shift suggests how impactful hosting is in the online trading field. Right from choosing the right server to opting for the most reliable provider, it is a must that the user makes a smart choice.

Speaking of a smart choice, nothing gets any better than names.com. This is perfect source to get cPanel for VPS server. If you notice, names.com cPanel for VPS server is a highly beneficial option and is most recommended by experts as well. Experts feel names.com VPS hosting specialists have the power and capability to cater to different needs of different buyers. Certainly VPS hosting is very beneficial, getting cPanel for it makes it most helpful.

Advantages of name.com cPanel for VPS server

To begin with, it is very important to note that cPanel is software that enhances the management of a website. So, if online traders wish to earn the power to make a difference, they would certainly find it more appealing to go in for this option. Moreover, if it comes from name.com, why would you want to look elsewhere.

Opting for name.com cPanel VPS hosting helps the online traders to monitor the statistics and figures associated with their website on either daily, or weekly, even monthly basis. Given that a great amount of importance is given to the incoming traffic, certainly the trader would love to be aware of the number of people accessing their website.

Name.com cPanel for VPS server Flexibility:

Thirdly, file management with names.com cPanel for VPS server is very easy and extremely simple. To manage database effectively, the company offers MySQL as well. Besides this, managing domains and sub domains is also easier.
Name.com cPanel for VPS server complies with all operating systems, which means be it Mac or Windows, you have accessibility to this wonderful means that enhances your online trading experience.

Name.com cPanel  VPS Hosting Plan:


Plan Information VPS 512VPS 768VPS 1024 VPS 2048
RAM 512 MB768 MB1 GB2 GB
Disk Space 20 GB 20 GB60 GB 100 GB
Bandwidth200 GB/m 500 GB/m750 GB/m 1 TB

Dedicated Technical Support24/724/724/724/7

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