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Vodein Dedicated Server Hosting

Host Unlimited Domains
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Vodein Dedicated Server Hosting

Singapore Dedicated Server Hosting is consistent and accessible by entire business users, which provides high-performance dedicated servers, latest packages with enough resources and additional add-ons.

Vodein  Singapore Dedicated Server Hosting is flexible than Shared Hosting:

Dedicated Sever Hosting services is amazing hosting feature offered by several host providers, main aim of this hosting is client puts entire dedicated server on host but is doesn’t shared by anyone who want this resources and it is stretchable than shared server hosting. In the same way, here introduced Singapore Dedicated Server Hosting that is reliable than other hosting providers as it provides scalable, stable and optimized Singapore dedicated servers includes enough resources such as bandwidth, network uplinks, RAM, storage area and many more. And also, it offers authenticate and high performance dedicated servers, hosting packages will be depends up on resources, company level and business standards.

Why Singapore Dedicated Server Hosting is reliable?

Performance: this hosting lets optimized Singapore dedicated server for enhanced performance in times of soaring access rate and to provide better resources for your website compared to other hosting providers.
Scalability: Anytime upgrading your Singapore dedicated server is easier but it doesn’t cause to service interruption and data loss.
Support: it provides fully managed Singapore dedicated servers and deals issues faster in user friendly manner. Also offers backup setup which facilitates to recover data whenever you lose any communication data.

Vodein suggested Singapore dedicated server hosting:

Vodein offers four types of high performance Dell Power Edge servers, which can guarantee utmost accessibility of your website. In total package of Dedicated Server add its Add-ons such as Firewall, Load Balancer, Dedicated Switch, NAS Backup, SAN Storage, R1Soft CDP and KVM-Over-IP. For additional information of Singapore have a look on package plans.
In 2000, it is started as Vodien Internet Solutions after recognized as Vodien Studios that is best Singapore Web hosting Provider. This company maintains relationships with both local and international clients and partners and it provides several web services, managed hosting, Singapore dedicated server hosting, enterprise hosting, cloud hosting, reseller web hosting, Domains and many more at lower rates.

Vodien Singapore Dedicated Server Packages:

Vodien Singapore Dedicated Server Plan InformationDedicated serverValue PlanDedicated serverPlus PlanDedicated serverExpert PlanDedicated serverElite Plan
Server ModelDell PowerEdge R320Dell PowerEdge R320Dell PowerEdge R420Dell PowerEdge R720
Processor1 x Intel Xeon Quad Core X3430 CPU (8M Cache, 2.40 GHz - 4 Threads1 x Intel Xeon Hex Core E5-2420 CPU (15M Cache, 1.90 GHz, Sandybridge - 12 Threads)2 x Intel Xeon Hex Core E5-2420 CPU (15M Cache, 1.90 GHz, Sandybridge - 24 Threads)2 x Intel Xeon Oct Core E5-2650 CPU (20M Cache, 2.00 GHz, Sandybridge - 32 Threads)
Memory 8GB ECC Memory12GB ECC Memory24GB ECC Memory32GB ECC Memory
Storage2 x 300GB SAS (15,000rpm HDD)2 x 600GB SAS (15,000rpm HDD)4 x 600GB SAS (15,000rpm HDD)4 x 600GB SAS (15,000rpm HDD)
Services Monitoring $20/month$20/month $20/month$20/month

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