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True.nl best and Cheapest VPS hosting provider in Netherlands Review

Host Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited Email Accounts
True.nl best and Cheapest VPS hosting provider in Netherlands Review


VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and is essentially a method of sharing server hardware amongst multiple clients. This allows websites to be independent even though they are being hosted on the same physical machine located elsewhere and maintained by someone else as opposed to being located locally maintained by users.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

Improvement in performance
The ability to operate as a standalone server makes providing resources much easier. It is far better than shared web hosting.
Enhanced Security
The absolute isolation of virtual servers gives improve online security that a shared server cannot provide because of the partitioning that isolates clients and has restrictions on access.

A VPS system ensures that resources are never shared. This means that if a site requires additional space, bandwidth, RAM etc., the other sites will not be affected. VPS hosting is more reliable than shared server hosting systems.

Why Choose True.nl as your VPS service provider?

True.nl provides the cheapest VPS hosting services in the Netherlands that anyone in Europe can get access to but since VPS is virtual, services are available in other countries too. There are different priced plans to suit different needs. The server is a fully fledged virtual server that is pre-configured with your choice of client.

Instant Setup
True.nl uses cutting edge technology allows instant server setup. Your setup details will be confirmed immediately after confirmation of payment.

Easy to use Control Panel
You can easily restart, reboot and reinstall your server with their built-in control panel, even you can manage essential opertions like checking logs, monitoring bandwidth and other things.

Operating Systems
You can choose Linux and Windows based templates to use for your VPS.

True.nl is well known for its 24/7 support. It is staffed with well experienced and well trained professionals who assists you in resolving all the queries within seconds.
With True.nl you can upgrade your VPS at anytime. You can get up to 24 CPU cores, 16GB of RAM and 3TB storage!

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