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Rimu Xen VPS Hosting Review

Host Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited Email Accounts
Rimu Xen VPS Hosting Review

RimuHsosting has come up with fast and reliable Xen VPS hosting with unique control panel, servers backup and recovery, 1653MB memory, 4GB disk, etc on 25.00 USD/month.

Rimu Xen VPS Hosting Review

Get your cheap Xen VPS hosting service at Rimu Hosting that offers virtualized Xen VPS Servers with unique control panel, servers backup &recovery, 1653MB memory, 4GB disk, etc on 25.00 USD/month.

Xen is open source and huge virtualization technology in current business market, that’s the reason so many host providers offers VPS hosting that is Dividing and sharing of virtual private server among users. In general, VPS hosting is ideal service between shared and dedicated services and it is categorized based on virtualization technologies like Xen and OpenVZ. Big host providers provide Xen VPS Hosting on both Windows and Linux Servers whereas some companies only offers either of one but mostly Linux server.
Xen VPS Hosting is most cost effective Service than OpenVZ VPS Hosting:
Xen and OpenVZ are virtualization technologies but there is a lot of variation between features, cost, services and many more. Xen VPS Servers contains medium CPU priority and stability, full isolation and root access, customizable kernel, dedicated resources, hardware level virtualization, RAM, upgrades with reboot, SWAP Space, high customization and any more. These services don’t provided by OpenVZ technology based VPS Server so many of you decided that Xen VPS Hosting is most cost effective web service.

Rimu Hosting proposes trustworthy Xen VPS Hosting:

If you need Virtual Linux Server for your small or medium scale business then no worry as RimuHosting offers Xen based Linux VPS Hosting with reasonable price and maximum resources. Developers of this company makes unique and powerful control panel for Linux VPS hosting like resize your disk, clone an existing server, VPS server Backups, server reboots, change memory and many more. It offers Budget, popular and large Linux VPS plans but if you don’t’ like these plans you can customize your server resources.

Rimu Hosting Company started in 2002, NewZeland, have data center in Dallas, provides reliable, flexible and different type of hosting services. It contains “30-day money back guarantee” program and provides 24 hrs free customer support via Email, Twitter, phone or live chat.

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