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Mweb Business VPS Hosting Review

Host Unlimited Domains
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Mweb Business VPS Hosting Review

Enjoy business VPS hosting services offered at Mweb for reasonable prices which brings in scalable hardware resources and you can pay per used resources.

Mweb Business VPS Hosting- Cloud solution for business

Mweb Business VPS hosting is purely a cloud solution that ensure top-end performance through servers. You have chance to upgrade hardware specifications at any time and can clear off extra virtual equipment easily and quickly. If your business is improved, you can scale to multiple servers and pay what you use at Mweb.
You can also alter hardware specifications like adding CPU, increasing memory and adding hard disks so on. No delays are entertained at Mweb, carry out above all with Myaccount portal no paperwork required. You are only charged for excess use of hard drive and most importantly you get snapshot facility which takes snapshot of virtual server state at certain point of time so that you can go to the state if something wrong happens while configuring server or running updates.

Tips for purchasing Business VPS hosting services:

  • Follow below mentioned tips before selecting a business VPS hosting provider.
  • Ensure you get virtual dedicated servers with shared hardware specifications
  • Initiate an inquiry on quality of service provided by host; it is better to read user reviews to judge its service quality
  • Do not go for hosts that provide limited features, dedicated virtual servers just a bit less than dedicated hosting. Always VPS hosting costs half of or less than dedicated servers.
  • Also, ask any hosting agent there about hardware upgrades, server scalability, and so on. Choose the host which offers all these.

Business VPS Hosting Packages at Mweb:

Mweb brings in business VPS hosting services based on number of Central Processing Units. Basic plan costs R 330/month includes 50GB hard disk; unlimited bandwidth, 1GB RAMS and Free setup.
Virtual dedicated servers provided by Mweb are parts of physical servers that has own software can be rebooted. Removing of any server will not disrupt other servers.

Start a business with Mweb business VPS hosting and gradually grow. You can scale to multiple servers, change hardware specifications at any time, and moreover removal of one server does not interrupt others. You can pay for used resources as it is cloud based business VPS hosting services and Mweb confer round-the-clock uninterrupted customer support.

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