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Increased use of Internet in the world leads to the advent of ecommerce and many online trades which drive the companies to create a website

Web hosting offers many services, amongst all the services shared hosting is very popular in the world as the cost and maintenance service is very low. With minimal expense small to medium sized companies can easily reach their customers.

Shared Hosting-A Complete Overview:

In shared hosting thousands of websites housed together on a single web server. Each site allocated a section where it can reside and share the same resources (processor, disk space and software) with other websites. All the administrative problems were handled by the host provider, the consumer just needs to use their control panel to create email accounts, manage domains and upload the files. It is the most common, affordable and ideal option for small businesses.

Types of Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is achieved in two ways; Name-based and IP-based hosting and it can be hosted both on Linux and Windows platform.

Name-based Shared Hosting:

In name-based hosting, websites share the same IP address on a single server and it is the web server who decides to which website the request belongs to, based on the hostname included in the HTTP header.

IP-based Shared Hosting:

In IP-based hosting each website has its own IP address and the web server maintains software to decide which website the request belongs to. The most advantageous point of using this type of hosting is websites can use their own SSL certificate.

Benefits of Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is illustrious in the world as it is the most economical service among all the services. It has zero maintenance cost as all the administrative task is maintained by the host provider. It is most beneficial for personal sites, small businesses and medium sized businesses.

Limitations of Shared Hosting:

The major drawback of shared hosting is limited resources and security. As thousands of websites hosted on the same server there is a security threat and if one site utilizes more resources then it affects the performance of other sites.

Now-a-days web hosting has become a tricky business. In the world there are thousands of web host providers with different packages. So, before selecting a host, consumer must make sure that he must get what he paid for.

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Feed Subscription
Company Price Control Panel Domains Space Band Width
1 net4india $0.49 USD custom 1 0.25 GB Unlimited
2 net4india $0.49 USD cPanel 0 0.25 GB Unlimited
3 Cheap Web Hosting $0.5 USD cPanel 1 0.1 GB 5 GB
4 Ideastack Linux  Hosting $0.73 USD cPanel 1 1 GB 10 GB
5 Free Webhosting $0.8 USD cPanel 1 Unlimited Unlimited
6 Manashosting $0.91 USD Cpanel 1 1 GB 10 GB
7 bigrock $0.96 USD cPanel 1 0.5 GB 2 GB
8 Hostdepartment $0.99 USD cPanel 1 0.5 GB 1 GB
9 M2host Cpanel Hosting $1 USD cPanel 1 Unlimited Unlimited
10 ardhosting $1 USD cPanel 0 0.30 GB 2 GB
11 HostSo Affordable Web Hosting $1 USD cPanel 1 200 GB Unlimited
12 host.co.in $1.52 USD cPanel 99 0.25 GB 1 GB
13 UK 2 Ecommerce Web Hosting Review $1.59 USD cPanel 1 0.5 GB 1 GB
14 bigrock $1.61 USD cPanel 1 0.5 GB 2 GB
15 net4india $1.65 USD custom 1 1 GB Unlimited

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