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Joyentcloud Cloud Hosting

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Joyentcloud Cloud Hosting


Joyentcloud Cloud Hosting it is very much cheaper Cloud Hosting without compromising the quality. You can avail network storage from $0.12 for one GB and all the servers of Joyent cloud hosting services allows the user to enjoy unlimited high powered Cloud data transfer.

At Joyencloud servers are not just machines but they are designed to function as smart machines. These Cloud servers stand out due to the 4 different characteristics like high performance and scalability, reliability, measuring ability and security. When compared with other cloud storage devices.

 The smart machines of Joyent solutions are capable of running apps very efficiently in mobile devices. In addition when coming to online gaming solutions, the company produces the most powerful and robust game properties to millions of online players.

 Several corporate sectors are enjoying great number of customers through e-commerce solutions of Joyent cloud computing plans. Apart from providing managed Cloud hosting services the company also offers customized private cloud solutions with good flexibility. For companies which deal with huge data and multiple customers, cloud hosting services from Joyentcloud is the ideal choice.

 Through the powerful cloud storage facility offered at Joyent, customers can enjoy storing countless data back-up and need not worry about losing any data. Any number of documents can be updated within seconds using the cloud computing servers from Joyent.

 To summarize, Joyentcloud hosting service offers each customer a customized clouding solution, whatever be the size of the company. Above all, you can enjoy continuous uptime with robust technology through the cloud hosting services of Joyentcloud.

Joyentcloud Cloud Hosting Plans:

Extra Small 0.5 GB (1 CPU)15GB$0.03$21.90
Small 1GB (1 CPU)30GB$0.09$62.05
Medium 2GB (1 CPU)60GB$0.17$124.10
Medium 4GB (1 CPU)120GB$0.24$175.20
Large 8GB (2 CPU)240GB$0.36$262.80
Large 16GB (3 CPU)480GB$0.64$467.20
XL 32GB (4 CPU)760GB$1.12$817.60
XXL 48GB (8 CPU)1TB$1.68
XXXL 64GB (12 CPU)1.5TB$2.24
Dedicated 80GB (16 CPU)2TB$2.80$2,044
High CPU Virtual Servers (SmartOS)
Medium 1GB (2 CPU)60GB$0.17$124.10
XL 8GB (4 CPU)240GB$0.65$474.50
Joyentcloud Cloud Hosting Pricing Comparison
Joyent Cloud (SmartOS or Linux) vs Amazon EC2 (Linux)
SmartOS / Linux
Joyent Machine**PRICE/HR*Linux
AWS Instance TypePRICE/HR*
Extra Small
0.5GB / 1c / 15GB$0.03Micro
0.5GB / 1c / 15GB$0.04
Small (Default)
1GB / 1c / 30GB$0.09Small (Default)
1.7GB / 1c / 30GB$0.10
8GB / 2c / 240GB$0.36Large
7.5GB / 2c / 240GB$0.51
Extra Large
16GB / 3c / 480GB$0.64Extra Large
15GB / 4c / 480GB$0.86
Hi-Memory SmartMachinesHi-Memory On-Demand Instances
16GB / 4c / 480GB$0.64Extra Large
17GB / 2c / 480GB$0.68
32GB / 8c / 760GB$1.12Double XL
34GB / 4c / 760GB$1.17
Triple XL
64GB / 12c / 1.5TB$2.24Quadruple XL
68GB / 8c / 1.5TB$2.20
Windows on Joyent Cloud vs Windows on Amazon
Windows Image
Joyent Machine**PRICE/HR*Windows Image
AWS Instance TypePRICE/HR*
4GB / 1c / 120GB$0.29Medium
3.4GB / 1c / 120GB$0.39
8GB / 4c / 240GB$0.46Large
7.5GB / 2c / 240GB$0.62
Extra Large
16GB / 4c / 480GB$0.84Extra Large
15GB / 4c / 480GB$1.08
Double Extra Large
32GB / 8c / 760GB$1.32Double Extra Large
34GB / 4c / 760GB$1.31

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