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An effective wordpress blog or website will go in vain if they are unable to reach the target audience. So you need to select a Optimum WordPress hosting service provider to sucess your wordpress website . Here are the important factors to be considered while selecting a unique WordPress hosting provider.

What Is And Why WordPress Hosting:

WordPress is a content management system and a popular choice among bloggers and web designers as a free open source CMS for publishing blogs and as an easy-to-use Contet ManageMent System to customize the web content.

In today’s competitive world blogging has become one of the best techniques in drawing traffic to your website, aiming your target audience, and maintaining your site ranking. But, only an interesting blog is not enough, you need an effective CMS like WordPress to draw traffic to your site. Furthermore, its feature like themes and plugins helps you in customizing the website with an ease.

Things To Consider When Choosing A WordPress Web Hosting Provider:

Hosting Server Compatibility:

There are thousands of host providers who offer WordPress hosting and majority of them meet the requirement. But, as a customer you must be familiar with what basic requirement a WordPress site must have to function properly. The WordPress site performs well on Linux operating system and needs either Apache or NGINX webserver with 512 MB dedicated memory to run efficiently and load the site instantly. To avoid most of the update issues be sure that host provider has latest PHP/mysql version (PHP version 5.5/ MySQL 5.0)

WordPress Hosting Resources:

Resources plays main important role in wordpress hosting.You need to check resources like disk space, bandwidth, domain names and number of emails allowed by hosting provider, these are full fill your reqiremnet. If you expect more traffic then select a host who offers unlimited or maximum bandwidth within an affordable price. Apart from the above resources WordPress requires custom php.ini, .htaccesss support to set memory size greater than 128MB and it should be enabled mod_write and mod_deflate functions to run high end graphic themes.

Managed WordPress Hosting support:

Most of the host providers claim an efficient support but when it comes to wordpress you need a specific support. Very few hosts are there in the market who assists you in resolving the issues. Therefore, make sure that your host provider is capable to provide support on basic wordpress issues like wordpress installation, version and plugin upgrades, admin password recovery, themes and plugin installation, database optimization, security, move to new server. Here are a few common issues which you can come across with WordPress hosting.

Wordpres Installation and Upgrades Support:

WordPress manual installation and upgrade is a very difficult job. Many times simple things may go wrong and cost your time. Therefore, make sure that your host offers installation support along with wordpress and plugins version up gradation.

WordPress Developer Hosting Support:

WordPress coding issues like html, css, PHP and JavaScript conflict, White Screen of Death, Error Message and Broken layout can only addressed by developers. There is no need for you to have a programming knowledge or hassle to resolve. Just make sure that your host provider has a team of PHP experts to resolve the coding issues.

WordPress Custom Theme Support:

Themes are very important factor to consider as they enhances the look and feel of the website. But, the fact is they are difficult to build own and expensive to buy. Therefore, make sure that your prospective host offers free themes and custamisation support.

WordPress Hosting Server Uptime:

Server Uptime is also an important factor to consider. Server with high speed provides fast access to your site and loads the content within no time. Therefore, select a host who ensures 99.9% uptime.

WordPress Hosting Backups :

WordPress is a combination of website files and database. As a known fact website and database is prone to many vulnerabilities there is a chance to loose the file. Make sure that your host provider has an easy procedure to retrieve your lost files and backup your files regularly

Tech Support:

Tech support plays an important role in the success of any online business. Therefore, select a host who has good tech support reputation. Visit host’s website, read their customer reviews and knowledgebase and watch video tutorial, have a live chat with tech support, pose some basic technical questions and find out how well they assist you. .

Pricing & Refund Policy:

Pricing should not be a limiting factor if you relied on your website to make money. Remember the more you pay the more you get. Just make a list of host provider according to your requirement and their packages and select the host who meet your needs. Moreover, most of the companies today offer a money back guarantee make sure that at least a 10 day money back guarantee offered by your host provider.

Final Word:

Hope, the above mentioned factors helps you in selecting the right WordPress host provider from the below list

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Feed Subscription
Company Price CPU RAM Space Band Width
1 domainit $0 USD  GHz 0  GB 10 GB 250 GB
2 bigrock $1.08 USD  GHz 1  GB 100MB GB UNLIMITED GB
3 NS Wordpress Hosting $3.85 USD  GHz 5  GB 50 GB 500 GB
4 webhosting $9.28 USD cPanel Control Panel  GHz 0  GB 10 GB 100 GB
5 servage $19.95 USD  GHz 0  GB 150 GB 5120 GB
6 melbourneit $138.95 USD  GHz 0  GB 40 GB 1000 GB
7 Web Hosting Hub Wordpress Hosting Review $309 USD  GHz 1  GB UNLIMITED GB UNLIMITED GB

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