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Cloud hosting is gaining popularity each day because of the flexibility, competitive prices, and easy access to servers located anywhere in the world to ensure your website is up and running.

What Is cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting, also known popularly as clustered hosting, is a type of web hosting services that uses a server network. This server network consists of servers scattered all over the world. So, cloud technology does not necessarily require the servers to be located in the same site or data center. Cloud hosting allows you to expand your businesses online using additional web hosting services as the growth of your businesses fluctuate. Cloud hosting operating systems and control panels allow you to use all the features that you normally get when using the control panel of a shared or dedicated web hosting service provider. You have WordPress, SQL, MySQL, etc features in control panels when using cloud hosting.

Things to Consider before You Choose a Best Cloud Hosting Provider:

There are numerous hosting options available for personal as well as institutional clients. Cloud hosting is a relatively newer version of web hosting services. It is dynamically scalable, and allows businesses or individuals to adjust and change hosting resources according to the growth of the business. You should keep in mind different considerations while selecting cloud hosting. Here are some tips what a good cloud hosting provides:

Operating System:

Normally, cloud hosting plans give you the choice to select your own operating system. Windows or Linux based cloud hosting are the most common options, each of both options have their own pros and cons. Windows is expensive, not so fast, but user-friendly. Linux, is cheap, fast, and offers better performance but complicated for new users.

Control Panel:

The most user-friendly the control panel is, the better it is for you to manage the website and its content. It is an extremely important feature that a cloud hosting provider can offer to its customers.


Payment Options:

Mostly, hosting companies offers different hosting packages on a year to year subscription basis. Some companies offer plans on a monthly basis, which might cost you a little more.

Disk Space and Bandwidth: You should check beforehand how much disk space and bandwidth different cloud hosting providers offer you. Some companies will offer you unlimited incoming bandwidth, while others may allot limited bandwidth for your business. Choose the best plan that best suits the needs of your business and does not cost you additional costs. However, most cloud hosting service providers allow you to pay for the resources you use.


Choose a cloud hosting provider that gives you flexibility when it comes to upgrading your plans that you may require to do when your business grows.


Why Cloud Hosting?:

Cloud hosting gives you the flexibility to pay for what you use. You can change your web hosting packages tailored to the needs of your business. Cloud hosting offers you to choose the operating system of your choice, i.e., Windows or Linux. You get the flexibility to configure server configuration controls using an API or web-based interface. It allows you to enjoy the benefits of dedicated hosting without having to bear extra costs.

Final Words:

Choosing the best cloud hosting is an imperative based on the needs of your website or business online. There are many reliable and reputable cloud hosting companies that offer services to best fit your needs. Always read reviews on a cloud hosting provider before you buy their services. Choose the one that you find the best based on requirements.

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Feed Subscription
Company Price CPU RAM Space Band Width
1 Stratogen Cloud Hosting $0 USD  GHz 10  GB 5 GB 100 GB
2 Google Cloud Hosting $0 USD  GHz 0  GB GB GB
3 Microsoft Cloud Hosting $0 USD  GHz 0  GB GB GB
4 rockspace $0 USD  GHz 0  GB 0 GB 0 GB
5 Rackspace Cloud Hosting $1.5 USD Yes  GHz Unlimited  GB 30 GB Unlimited
6 Application Hosting $5 USD custom  GHz Unlimited  GB Unlimited Unlimited
7 gandi $9.7 USD 1  GHz 1  GB 20 GB 500 GB
8 netregistry $12.95 USD 1  GHz Unlimited  GB 100 GB Unlimited
9 cloud hosting $14.82 USD 1  GHz 1  GB 30 GB Unlimited
10 KVM powered Cloud VPS Hosting $16.35 USD 1  GHz 0  GB 50 GB 1000 GB
11 Gogrid Cloud Hosting $16.43 USD 0.5  GHz 1  GB 25 GB Unlimited
12 Cloud VPS hosting $19 USD 0.6  GHz 0  GB 20 GB 2000 GB
13 Site 5 Cloud Hosting Logo $20 USD 1  GHz 1  GB 10 GB 100 GB
14 enom $22 USD 1  GHz 1  GB 75 GB Unlimited
15 NephoScale Cloud Hosting $22.63 USD 1  GHz 1  GB 25 GB Unlimited

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