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800hosting Dedicated Cloud Hosting Review

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800hosting Dedicated Cloud Hosting Review

What is Dedicated Cloud Hosting?

Today most corporate houses are looking at dedicated cloud hosting as their preferred choice for hosting their content . Cloud hosting operates with various servers which are spread over the Internet. A dedicated cloud server, located at any geographic location over the Internet, hosts the web pages, databases and other files of only a single entity. Thus, dedicated hosting is distinguishable from the traditional shared web hosting in terms of sharing and speed.

Benefits of Dedicated Cloud Hosting:

Flexibility: Since the web servers are located over the Internet for hosting, this allows for addition of incremental hardware for tuning up the performance of the website, if necessary. New cloud servers can be added at different geographic locations by the web hosting company as per the requirement of an entity.

Speed: Since only a single entity’s web pages are hosted on the dedicated cloud server, it provides far greater speeds as compared to shared hosting.

Reliability: Since cloud servers make use of distributed databases and distributed hardware, there is far greater reliability as compared to hosting servers which make use of centralized databases and hardware.

Why “800hosting.com” is the best Dedicated Cloud Hosting provider?

800hosting.com is a Dallas, USA based organization providing dedicated cloud hosting services. The hosting plans start from $29/month. The clients have the option of hosting both in windows or Linux. It provides dedicated customer care support numbers which can be called up by the customers if they faces any problem with the services.
The cloud hosting services provided by it are worth giving a shot at because of the following reasons:

Compliance with the various security standards: 800hosting.com complies with security standards like SAS 70 Type II, PCIDOS, HIPAA. Hence the users can trust the verified security credentials of this web host.

Hybrid Hosting: The users can host their content both in windows operating system or Linux based operating system as per their preferences.

Scalability: Users can request addition of additional web servers for meeting increased content hosting of for providing lower processing time in replying to queries of the general public.

Payment Policy: 800hosting.com plans are based on the premise of paying according to the usage one does on an hourly basis. There are no setup or other forms of order fees which needs to be paid by the user at the time of opening an account with 800hosting.com.

800hosting Dedicated Cloud Hosting Plans

Dedicated Cloud Hosting PlansCPURAMHDPrice
Dell Pro5502x E54058GB1TB 7200RPM SATA$149/mo
Dell Pro320 (New) - X3440 8GB1TB 7200RPM SATA$149/mo
Dell Pro420 - 2x E55068GB2x1TB SATA$229/mo
100TB* Dell Pro550 (NEW) - 2x E540516GB2x1TB SATA$299/mo
*100TB* Dell Pro420 (NEW) - 2x E550616GB2x1TB SATA$329/mo
Dell Pro421 (NEW) - 2x E5-243032GB2x1TB SATA$359/mo
Dell Pro600 2x E540512GB3x146GB$199/mo
Dell Pro560 - 2x E550616GB2x1TB$309/mo
Dell Pro561 (NEW) - 2x E564532GB 2x1TB SATA$419/mo

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