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36cloud Cloud VPS hosting Review

Host Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Space
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Unlimited Email Accounts
36cloud Cloud VPS hosting Review

What is Cloud VPS hosting?

Cloud hosting is a form of VPS hosting. While VPS hosting is the virtual private server space being offered to many clients on a single server platform, in the case of cloud VP hosting, the same concept is extended to web servers. Sites which offer VPS cloud hosting operate different web servers which stay interconnected.

Benefits of Cloud VPS Hosting:

  • The advantages of cloud VPS hosting are often compared to dedicated hosting solutions. The benefits are many:
  • One has the flexibility of choosing the resources as per requirement.
  • The cloud server acts as a virtual server which uses the resources of different server machines. Even if one machine is down, one’s website will still be running.
  • The VPS aspect of cloud hosting ensures security of one’s databases and backend data operations exclusively from the other clients sharing the same server space

Why “36cloud.com” is the Best Cloud VPS hosting in China?

If you are looking for cloud VPS hosting solutions in China then 36cloud.com is the best company to opt. They are expertise in providing unparallel cloud hosting service compare to any other hosting provider in china. At lower prices they offer more bandwidth as well as greater storage than competitive services. Their cloud vps hosting plans come with lots of flexibility such as:

  • One can shift from the daily monthly plan with ease.
  • There are no additional costs incurred if one wishes to leave a plan or join another one.
  • The client is given full control of the hosting plan and its features

Cloud server plans are gaining popularity among clients due to the flexibility they offer, lower costs as well as easy migration, up gradation and lower cost options.
With 36cloud.com one can expect connectivity through super fast networks, reliable support and maintenance services. It is easy to sign up online at their site and subscribe to the cloud VPS hosting plan. Such benefits and flexibility makes 36cloud.com one of the preferred web hosting service providers in the region.

36cloud Cloud VPS hosting pricing and plans

PlansDedicated CPUDedicated RAMDisk spaceNetwork transferMonthly cost
Plans 10.6GHz376MB20GB2TB$19
Plans 21.2GHz752MB30GB3TB$36
Plans 31.8GHz1128MB40GB4TB$51
Plans 42.4GHz1504MB50GB5TB$64
Plans 53 GHz1880MB60GB6TB$75
Plans 63.6GHz2256MB70GB7TB$84
Plans 74.2GHz2632MB80GB8TB$91
Plans 84.8GHz3008MB90GB9TB$103
Plans 95.4GHz3384MB100GB10TB$115
Plans 106 GHz3760MB110GB11TB$127
Plans 116.6GHz4136MB120GB12TB$139
Plans 127.2GHz4512MB130GB13TB$151
Plans 137.8GHz4888MB140GB14TB$163
Plans 148.4GHz5264MB150GB15TB$168
Plans 159 GHz5640MB160GB16TB$172
Plans 169.6GHz6016MB170GB17TB$183
Plans 1710.2GHz6392MB180GB18TB$194
Plans 1810.8GHz6768MB190GB19TB$205
Plans 1911.4GHz7144MB200GB20TB$216
Plans 2012GHz7520MB210GB21TB$227

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