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1stdomains.co.uk DNS Management Review

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1stdomains.co.uk DNS Management Review

What is DNS Management?

DNS (Domain name System) is a major part of the internet infrastructure and determines the existence of your site. DNS translates web addresses to IP addresses and IP addresses to web addresses. The availability of DNS determines the ease in which you access different resources online. It is not easy for human beings to remember IP addresses and thus it helps you remember your favorite sites by name. It is easier to find sites by name, which makes it possible for sites to reconfigure or change location.

Benefits of DNS Management

DNS preserves the confidentially and privacy of your personal information by ensuring that you access the legit site you are interested in. It guarantees that you do not go through any cases of identity theft.
If your DNS was not working correctly, you’d be flooded with spam all the time. The mail server verifies domain names from all incoming emails and helps reduce spam. Domain keys or SPF (sender policy framework) is a new mechanism included in DNS that identifies imposters and rejects such email on your behalf. Your mail server is capable of checking whether the incoming email is from an infected machine or a spammer.
With DNS your external clients will only be allowed to access content that you have made public. Similarly, servers and internal users access only that which is suitable for them. You have the ability to mask addresses depending on how they are being accessed, whether internally or externally which increases the security of the network.

Why “1stdomains.co.uk” is best for DNS Management?

1stdomains.co.uk is best for DNS management as it has a control panel that is fully functional, enabling you to make changes to the Nameserver. It also provides a complete DNS feature suite that enables you to configure domain names to be able to use available IP services.
In addition to supporting Server records (SRV), 1stdomains.co.uk also supports IPv6 and IPv4. This simplifies SOA configuration, making it possible to securely and rapidly make changes to the DNS.
Parallels offers a control panel that makes it possible for you to manage your online contacts and presence, provided that you use Plesk in your portfolio as a master or slave DNS server.

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