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1 and 1 e-commerce Website hosting Review

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1 and 1 e-commerce Website hosting Review

Create e-commerce website with 1 and 1 e-commerce hosting and manage your e-commerce website with trendy tools offered by 1 and 1 including 24/7 support.

1 and 1 e-commerce Website hosting:

If you want to enter into e-commerce world, 1 and 1 e-commerce web hosting services are most flexible resource available. It supplies you powerful and affordable e-commerce solutions for example eShop wizard. It will help you to set-up and show you how to administer your e-commerce portal. 1 and 1 supports all the latest payment gateways with multiple currency options.

What are e-commerce Tools?

E-commerce tools really boost the website efficiency by creating online stores with some of providers. Some kinds of e-commerce tools are outsourcing resources, research tools, Shopping e carts, payment merchants, etc. PayPal is one payment tool that provides online payment transactions. Similarly, there are tools available for researching, traffic increment, shopping carts, etc. WordPress, Drupal, Magento are content management systems used to keep website updated.

1 and 1 e-commerce Website Hosting-free for first 6 months

1 and 1 e-commerce hosting makes your entrance into e-commerce world easy by providing easy tools, features. 1 and 1 offer everything required to setup an online shop, provide eShop wizard to administrate your e-commerce website easily and also shows you how to maintain eShop online. Basic e-commerce hosting plan is offered for you at just $11.99/month after 6 months of free hosting.

Benefits of 1 and 1 e-commerce Website hosting:

  • 1 and 1 offer customizable designs, state of the art marketing tools such as eBay, Google Sitemaps, Kelkoo, Ad-efficiency monitor and coupon code.
  •  It also facilitates you payment merchant registrations like providing PayPal or RBS Worldpay accounts for online payments and also offers offline payment methods like Cheques, COD and Cash.
  • Along with you will also get eShop control panel, shop designer, preview function, easy interface, customizable texts and shop wizard.
  • 1 and 1 completely manage your eShop by providing download terms, number of items and categories limit to sell in your site, tax calculation, provide support for multiple currencies.
  • Extra features include E-mail templates, price calculation, items import and export.

  Safety and Security assured with 1and 1:

1 and 1 is a reliable host in the world among variety hosting providers. It has track record of serving 12 million customers and became financially strong. The hosting solutions 1and 1 provide are appropriate for enterprises of all sized. It offers finest product quality, high level security with own data centers that are built with advanced hardware in an eco-friendly environment. In addition the support provided by experienced staff of 1 and 1 is friendly and available 24/7 via phone, live chat or ticker systems.

Setup own e-commerce site and administrate it with powerful tools offered by 1 and 1 e-commerce hosting at cheaper prices. It offers 6 months free e-commerce hosting along with finest support.

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